Are you looking for an adorable gift for a newborn baby?


Are you sick of thinking about the present for your niece/nephew/bday boy or girl every year?

Here we have a PERFECT NEW IDEA for you!


A Diaper Cake is a gift for babies or even toddler consisting of disposable diapers together with all other goodies made into a shape of a 1-tier to even 4-tiers cake. 

All 'ingredients' are practical and useful, like clothes, toys, books, bibs, shoes, socks....there are too many to list! Everything in the cake is useful and it will certainly bring a smile to the mother and her bundle of joy..

For special theme request (hello kitty, frozen, mickey mouse etc), please order at least 2 weeks earlier for me to purchase the items and work for it.

The price of the diaper cakes depend on the customer's budget. Here are some guidelines.

1-tier cake - RM50 - RM80

2-tiers cake - RM100- RM150

3-tiers cake - RM150 - RM200
4 tiers cake - RM200- RM250

*price may also depends on the brand of the items as well

Once the diaper cake is ready, I will e-mail you with the picture or by whatsapp.

We can also deliver the diaper cakes straight to your/receiver's doorstep. Postage ranges from RM10-RM30 depending on the weight of the cakes.

Please email/whatsapp for placing your order and please provide :

1) Gender of the baby

2) Budget

3) Special request if any
4) For delivery, please provide details of the receiver with your congratulatory msg.

Thank you!:)

Please click HERE for viewing our adorable diapercakes!

Zihan | 0133651877


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